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Post #77 – An Effervescent Fountain, Blossoming Jewels, An Unparalleled Adventure – Humor & My Life

I defied doctors’ orders, threw caution to the wind, the natural-born rebel that I am. Not! I had always strived to be the obedient child but Thursday after an early morning medical appointment, instead of going home and back into bed as told, I wandered into a Michael’s Crafts store.

I wanted to do something daring, so that I could astound you with page-turning entries of impeccable needlepoint and exquisite crocheted creations.

Hah! To me, at the age of sixty-four, this seemed the ultimate new adventure. I was stoked. Until I shared my plan with a member of the younger generation. Balloon deflated.

Anyhow, as I rolled down the strip mall path, I felt the spray of water I have craved to feel when I passed this gurgling fountain. I luxuriated as the aqueous droplets danced on my face.

Then, I saw a bouquet of dainty beauties calling out to me. I took a few moments to gaze at these petite blossoms. As you know, my life consists of four walls surrounding me as I lie in my bed of forced confinement because of my physical condition.

pretty buds

bouquet of flowers by target feb 2016

red flowers by targer feb 2016

But, Thursday! Well, what an amazing time I had. It is extremely rare that I am able to do something I actually want to do. I spend my days doing what needs to be done.

Unrestrained, unhindered, flying, and free! Now, I am looking forward to wowing you with my crafty handiwork.

crafting arsenal

My Arsenal

My first project: a pot holder and several hours of watching Crocheting for Beginners on YouTube. I restarted my first row of loops and unraveled them eight times already. Stay tuned!  😉


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  1. I can so relate! For the first time in years, I had a friend take me to the mall. I was just so happy to be out, and see people and things that I pushed the limits by wheeling my own chair through the rows of clothing. Doesn’t take much to thrill me these days. It’s now ten days later and I’m still suffering from the effort, but doesn’t being a little bit rebellious feel so good?!

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  2. Amen my friend! But, aren’t we blessed that we are put in a position where we really can appreciate the so-called smallest of blessings, when in fact, we get to smell the roses that time does not afford so many others.


  3. Really enjoying reading your blog. So very interesting. We so often take for granted everyday things until you are put in a position to really know that you may not get that chance forever. That is when you notice the sun on your face in the morning or the breeze that is warm and fresh. Live life to the best for as long as you can. We are all put on this earth with a job while we are here. We may not realize it but we are. When our job is done we will go home.


    • I love your attitude. After years of suffering and PTSD, spilling it all by way of a catharsis, a new strength rose in me. I know it comes from a force outside of myself. It is what drives me to help others. It’s also what’s opened my eyes and given me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of life. Your words touched me. I am always rendered speechless when I receive positve and friendly feedback (I lack self-confidence and self-esteem). It’s very humbling. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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