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  1. Hi dear Nancy, I don’t know if you remember me, I am Gabi from Vienna – I slept for few days in your flat, while being to a conference in Baltimore with many others among Aurora and Martina. I bearly got to know you back then, I reallized I did not know you at all – I am amazed of what you’ve been through. Inspite of everything happened to you, you are a person full of joy. You are such a testimony for many people all over the world. May God bless you to write further and be a blessing through your writing for millions.


  2. Hi Nancy
    I just ran across your twitter site as I was looking for other authors I might connect with (I followed you by the way @awakenedtrilogy) and I saw the kind of work you do. I want to commend you for that work. I am one of the 5% or so of victims who is male. I was in a sense trafficked by my mother as she handed me over to my uncle (her brother) a few times a month from age 6 to 14. I am also one of the rare cases of an accurate repressed memory as I blocked almost all of my childhood except for brief flashes and nightmares. Surprisingly before he died my uncle apologized for what he did. It was then that I discovered that my mother rather than being negligent was an active participant. When I asked her to apologize her response was “It happened a long time ago, get over it.” I have just written the first volume of a 3-part Christian thriller in which one of the main characters lived through my experience. I found it healing to write about it in the form of a fictional character. At any rate, thank you for your work as this abomination continues and we need people to stand up to it.
    Rick Spillman


    • Hi Rick, I am so sorry for what you have gone through. I too was molested for three years by an older boy and then gang raped when I was fifteen by three upperclassman. I had no one to support me. My mom was an orphan and lacked mothering skills and my father was an abusive alcoholic. I cut my wrists when I was sixteen, survived that and then ran away to New York. My mother found me and took me home but when I was barely eighteen (in the 60s) she passed me off to my aunt’s overcrowded home, so she in turn sent me to live with my childless aunt and uncle who then through me out into the streets.

      I stayed with a guy whom I trusted but he sold me to a gang of ruthless mob-controlled traffickers. I was rescued just before my twenty second birthday, a drug-addicted (they forced heroin into my veins) traumatized young woman.

      I am paralyzed due to a rare sexually transmitted virus called Tropical Spastic Paraparesis. At the age of fifty-eight (after years of horrific nightmares and more suicide attempts) I wanted to kill myself (i have spent twenty-five years paralyzed and the last ten confined mainly to bed.

      Instead, my friend encouraged me to vomit all my pain onto paper (Word), which I did. An editor was reading one of my old blogs

      He convinced to turn it into a first person memoir five years ago as he believed my story would help others. My co author Peter Lundell is a college of Cecil Murphey. i suspect you are a believer as am I.

      Seriously consider writing your story in the first person as it is very cleansing.

      At any rate this is what drives me to do what I do because as I a responding to you comment, hundreds of thousands of children, teens, women, and men are being tortured. I makes my mind spin that more people close their eyes to sexual violence (or perhaps they simple live in a bubble caught up in their own lives). I don’t know.

      I combat child abuse, rape, human trafficking, and any act of abuse of sexual violence doing all I can to spread awareness.

      My heart and prayers go out to you. It’s a painful process spilling our blood onto paper and reliving what we have gone through, but if my work spares one human being (I truly hope its more) then it has all been worth it to me giving back.

      blessings my friend,


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