Post #190 – It’s a Bird’s Life – Photos and a Spiritual Poem


A beautiful spoonbill – Photo credit Andy Nguyen


Arguing Blue-winged Mountain Tanagers 🙂

Aren’t they beautiful?


Red – the color of passion – I am passionate about Cardinals


Sweet, smiling Snowy Owl – photographer Henk Boekholt

in the Owls Garden in Meeden, Netherlands

eagle and rainbow

The Majestic Eagle

O little bird, you with clipped wings,

Listen carefully, hear His heart sing.

Upon the Lord little one wait,

See little bird; He opened the gate.

Upon eagles wings, you shall mount,

Drink living water from His fount.

As Eagles reach up to the sun,

God will lift you; you need not sulk.

O little bird, your wings He will mend;

Rest now; embrace Him as you ascend,

Above the mountains, through clouds into the heavens;

Sing now little one; you can fly!


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