Hi, my name is Nancy and I would like to welcome you to my crazy world filled with laughter, challenges, humor, and transparency.

I am enjoying connecting with each one of you. The friendships I have made here are priceless. I am a disabilities and victims advocate. If you need a resource for most anything, I can aid or research it for you. It has been my privilege to help others over the years and I will continue to do so.

And as a 67-year-old woman, I believe you’re never too old or too damaged to make a difference. Although, I’m still a kid at heart.

Some call me “Wildflower” because … I … survive … the sights that I see when I venture out, the joy of breathing fresh air, of reading and viewing for which I am grateful, yet I prefer my solace – Scorpio hidden in the universe amid twelve grandchildren and the story of humanity, self-deprecating and struggling with self-esteem and what people say; but there are always sea-foam green, teal, lavender, and yellow Brie, dark chocolate, cherries, and the Mediterranean: people ask me for my recipes; I travel virtually and survive wildlife and crime to help fellow victims; I am the Witness, I am the Sentinel: welcome to my musings!

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  1. Dear Nancy,

    for what you have experienced in life, I barely have words. For what you’re doing with it now however, I do have one: respect. I fully respect and admire your ever-glowing spark of hope in your heart. You certainly are an inspiration to everyone, who has lost faith in him/her-self, in the world or in whomever, to all who feel lost and to those who simply give up on hope or even on life.
    While wandering around a bit on this blog of yours, I came across a comment of a person, who has met you once. It said, that you were a bundle of joy. A strong statement for a strong woman. I admire your strength and your decision not to let yourself drown in a pool of sorrow, but to get back up and make the best of it all. You’re a true optimist.
    Nancy, I wish you all the best and lots of sunshine on your further journey through this life. Thank you so much for finding me, so I could come here and find a person, who truly is inspiring and someone to look up to.
    Be well and best of luck with your writing. Your story deserves to be heard.

    – Prospermind.

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  2. Nancy – you have a beautiful faith. I love the name given to you – wildflower

    grows free on hills
    He holds a wildflower bouquet
    strong winds do no harm

    Hot house flowers cannot bear up under adversity but His flowers can.
    You are an inspiration Nancy.

    Much love


    • Thank you Leslie for your kind words. The name was given to me by a friend because he feels the lyrics of my favorite song Wildflower by Skylark were written for women like me. The writer of the song, Dave Richardson, and his producers, Nettwerk Music Group gave me a free license to use the lyrics in the preface of my soon-to-be-published memoir. The song is beautiful. Here is the link on YouTube (I think you will like it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ8n_Esop5I


  3. Nancy, I am sorry for all that you have suffered, and so glad that you have decided to reach out and help others. Thanks for visiting my site and following – we will now be blogging buddies.
    Take care,


  4. Thanks for stopping by on my blog, Nancy! And also for the kind words that you left behind. And you know what they say about wildflowers – resilient with an unexpected story. They remind us of the beauty which can survive even in the harshest conditions.


  5. What an amazing story, which God is not yet finished writing obviously! Your mission is incredibly important, and the lives you are touching are each one more valuable than we can imagine. More power to you! Thank you for such an important site on the blogosphere as this one!


  6. Oh my goodness, what a roller coaster your life has been. I can’t even begin to imagine the hardships and challenges you have faced. You are a survivor and an inspiration. I feel honoured that you found my blog. which has led me back to yours. Bless you!


    • Thank you, Peggy. You are so kind. I appreciate that you took the time to read. Yes, it’s been a difficult life, but I have learned so much through some horrific experiences, for which I am thankful now. It gives me an opportunity to give back and help others hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls I fell into by spreading awareness. Nice to meet you. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog too. I enjoying meeting new people and making friends. Blessings to you my friend, Nancy


  7. What a story of survival you have! My daughter suffers from PTSD as the victim of incest for 10 years. She put her father in prison 10 years ago and is just starting therapy. I pray for her recovery but I also know this is likely something that will never go away. Also as her mother, I’m in a bad place (guilt) and must abide by her terms for our relationship. God bless you.


    • I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your precious daughter. It took me fifty years to start to heal. I still have PTSD, but I began to recognize my triggers. But, I do believe that with time and prayer, miracles can happen. As a mother, you feel guilty for not have to noticed what was going on. It is not your fault. The abuser manipulates and brainwashes the victim so thoroughly that it becomes an invisible secret. Try not to blame yourself. I will pray for your daughter’s healing and for a sweet reconciliation one day soon. God bless you, dear one.

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      • Thank you. Prayers are the best medicine we can get. I’m sure that I am a trigger for her so that makes me somewhat like poison. I understand that. I take what she allows me to have…anything at all.

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      • You are perceptive. Triggers keep victims trapped, catapulting them into the prison embedded in their minds. It takes time. I pray for your comfort as well..

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