Fun Times

Post #3 ~ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Maggie and Maddie

 One of my BBFs took me Sunday out to do anything I wanted to do.  We went to a brand new mall near my home. It is so classy! I haven’t been in a mall since the early 90s.

I’m not supposed to be out of bed for more than a couple of hours (per doctor’s orders due to circulatory issues), but this was a special occasion. Maggie, (who is also my amazing physical therapist), knew I never have a chance to do anything just for fun, so she invited me out on Sunday. I am in safe hands with her.

She brought along her charming fifteen-year-old daughter, Maddie. Maddie is an adorable accomplished pianist and singer, volley ball player, and a all-round bubbly young lady. I cannot put into words how much spending time with Maggie and Maddie thrilled my heart. They are so kind and full of life.

I also basked in the beautiful 74◦ Florida sunshine in front of the mall for a few minutes. It felt wonderful to taste fresh air and catch a ever-so-slight tan.

We strolled through several stores shopping for hats and clothes for me. I love wearing hats, but gave all mine away after all those surgeries that left me bedridden. I figured I’d never have a chance to wear hats again. But, now I’m not so confined. I venture out to doctors’ offices and the grocery store. So, I bought these two hats:

my new chocolate hat

my new straw hat

     Then, Maggie bought me ice cream, a real treat for me (I’m on a perpetual diet). I luxuriated in a cupful of three decadent flavors: cake batter, coffee, and chocolate truffle. Heavenly!

I thoroughly enjoyed our Girls’ Day Out on Sunday. What great therapy – soup for my soul! I’ll never forget that day. Thank you, Maggie and Maddie! You’re the best!

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