Post # 15 – Onism – Frustration of Being Stuck in One Body, That Inhabits One Place at a Time

free from my body onism obscure words

Mother’s Day – one of the loneliest yet happiest day for me because I’ve been blessed with two kids, one step-daughter (my son’s half-sister), and two inherited grown children who have given me twelve wonderful grandchildren, all miles and (may as well be) galaxies away from me, hence the word “onism” from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. My excuse to briefly wallow a bit.

Being confined to this bed, unable to travel at all due to circulatory issues, annoys me. And each of my kids have their extended families and busy schedules which limits their opportunities to visit me.

Oh how I miss walking, driving or flying anywhere I wanted, anytime I wanted. Sigh.

Anyhow I spent this Mother’s Day at home texting Mother’s Day messages to friends and family and watching movies for hours. And relaxed. A luxury for me. Turned out to be a good day after all. My pity-party ended quickly.

My dear Michael – always thoughtful and spoiling me – bought me this yummy giant chocolate chip cookie cake and a box of chocolates. Comfort food. He always makes me feel special.

moms day cookie from michael 2015

So, I shouldn’t complain. I’m blessed. Many motherless women suffer on that day and others have lost children. I’m glad it’s just one day and one day passes by swiftly.

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