A Photo Story

Post #57 – Take a Trip with Me – A Nutshell of My Life through Photos

A few photos I took during an outing on my way to a doctor appointment. First, I have to get out of bed. Here is my granddaughter demonstrating how my ceiling lift lowers me into my wheelchair. 🙂

bri on lift

On the road. lovely sunny day. I adore clouds. I take dozens of pics of these fluffy puffs of whipped cream wonderment floating freely, heading wherever the breeze takes them! What joy!

another view from van

Spotted these four-foot-tall sandhill cranes! I am an avid bird lover.

4 foot tall sandhill crane taken may 12 2015

Here is my view as I lie on a gurney while my doctor attends to me. Pretty spectacular to me.

the view from one of my doctors offices

Check out this old tree. It is beautiful. We pass it each time I go to this particular appointment. It reminds of trees I climbed when I was a kid.

old tree on an outing 2015

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this precious moment I had with my eldest granddaughter on Christmas day. I don’t normally post photos of myself in my chair. I guess it’s due to my lack of self-esteem. My granddaughter sure knows how to boost it. 🙂

me and bri christmas 2015


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