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Post #65 – PTSD – Triggers Topple Like Dominoes – So I Created a Trigger Log to Recapture My Joy

moving dominoes

It baffles me how quickly joy can turn into sorrow, but once again, I find myself drowning in a pit of despair because of one well-intentioned but misspoken word, at least to me, when actually it was simply an innocent remark.

Trigger: hypersensitivity to certain words toss me into the throes of a horrifying memory locked within my mind.

I write what I heard into my Trigger Log so that I can recognize the words and phrases that upset me.


I realize the difficulties and tediousness of constantly caring for another. However, without one’s help, I cannot eat, brush my teeth, bathe or do anything else. Often, I have to wait or some times go without because I have no one around. Also, although most of my weary caregivers try their best, I still feel as if I am imposing upon them. And this frightens me.

Trigger: helplessness induces fear due to the loss of my independence

Another entry into my Trigger Log.


depresse girl 2

Nevertheless, I feel it looming. All it takes is one slip up to my case manager (when depression overcomes me) and she will remove me from my home, thinking it’s for my good and put me into a nursing home. I spent over a year between two nursing homes over the last decade. The thought of going back to another horrifies me.

Trigger: the memory and word – Nursing Home – reacting to impulse on a whim instead of considering the often irreversible consequences of making a rash decision

Trigger: Self-inflicted self-pity – conjuring up scenarios in my mind that may or may not happen, causing me needless terror


It is not that my caregivers are purposely insensitive to my suffering, but rather, the long years of caring for me seem to have desensitized them to my plight.

Trigger: Assumption because of past abusers, yet my present caregivers have never abused me


Guilt and shame are my constant companions. It matters not that I was a victim of human trafficking and because of that I am now debilitated. I cannot come to grips with the fact that I am not at fault. I long for someone to talk to but I have no one I feel comfortable with, and cannot afford a therapist although I need one desperately.

I have no family to care for me. Most are dead. My present is dark, my faith shaken, and my future bleak.

Trigger: Am I a fortune-teller now? Maybe I have a wonderful future coming my way. Who am I to say? And, only parts of my present are dark, like when I shut down. As for my faith, well, that’s always been a rollercoaster ride.



Somehow I have an uncanny ability to hide my fears and despair behind a smile. I don’t want anyone to know my secret emotional pain. I do not seek pity. I am simply pouring out to my trusted friend inside my laptop screen – my blog. At times, I feel so lonely, even though I have people who love me.

The thread of hope that I cling to is fraying, which is why I am counting on my trigger log to help me recognize each speeding bullet before it hits so that I can strike back just like Wonder Woman and recapture my inner joy. 🙂 I think it’s working.

wonder woman


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  1. Nancy you are truly an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others I always feel better when I share my feelings with others and find out I’m not alone I know I can’t begin to feel all that you’ve been thru but I know that sense of shame we carry because of others action. You are not at fault and God loves you very very much.Healing takes it’s own timetable again you are amazing Prayers blessings joy and peace my friend Kathie


    • Dear Kathie, Again, thank you for your kind and always encouraging words. It’s difficult for me to share my feelings within my environment which is why I like blogging. We can support one another and not be judged. I thank God for the gift of the internet. It connects us to our world, especially if we’re lonely, etc. I believe that what is good on the web outweighs the bad. And, also, I love that I can be another voice for those who have no voice, particularly victims of violence and human trafficking victims. God bless you, dearest Kathie


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