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Post #68 – Broken Mirror – A Poem


Is that really my reflection that I see?

Or is it who you think I should be?

A broken mirror that reflects no light

turns a beautiful day into the darkest night. 

So when you get the urge to judge me,

consider the stone you’re throwing.

It may very well ricochet

and extinguish the light God is sowing

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Serendipitous Purlieus – a diary of poetry and prose by Nancy J. Walker



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  1. You have a remarkable spirit–God keeps your candle burning bright. How lovely that you’ve used Emily D’s words about “hope” on your blog–she’s a favorite of mine, and that poem especially. I love most what you’ve said about Faith–that it doesn’t make us saints who never fall; life is a struggle, but it’s so much harder without HIM. I’ve added you to my nightly prayer list–God bless you.


    • Thank you and how kind of you! I really appreciate your prayers. I believe Emily has an incredible gift. She always touches my heart. It is very to meet you Azul. I agree. I am a very weak woman who trusts0 a very strong and loving God. God bless you, my new friend!


      • Oh I love how you put things! I too am a weak woman who has no option but to trust our strong and faithful, loving God. I have a quote about angels that I’ll bring you later–remind me if I seem to forget (I’m old, and I have stuff to do this week that limits my blog time) 🙂 xo, Azul

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