Post # 78 – As Long As I Have Breath, I Will Advocate

Abused people need to get beyond their guilt and shame so they can get healed and cleansed from all the filth that’s been heaped on them.

I want to help victims come to grips with themselves—and climb out of the pit they were thrown into.

depressed girl leaning on wall

So, I decided to pursue a Victim’s Assistance and Advocacy certification, but, because I never finished high school, I had no diploma.

Even after being rescued from the sex traffickers that held me captive for three years, I left with baggage stuffed with PTSD, Stockholm syndrome, and conditions known as learned behaviors and reactive responses.

Another suicide attempt landed me in the Bernstein rehab section of Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital in New York City. I roomed with a teen whose kindly uncle “adopted” me after the facility released her. I received a second chance at having a “normal life”. Of course, it did not last long, but during that period I earned my GED.

I misplaced my diploma and needed it because it in order to get my certification. But, forty-plus years had passed. I went online to the New York City Education Department.

I filled out the necessary paperwork and sent it in. Weeks later, I received mail from them. I ripped open the envelope, thrilled that they found, but instead, they asked more information. With doubtfulness, I filled in the blanks and sent it back. Week passed. But, finally!


GED certificate


So I began taking classes (I have several to complete) online at The Office of Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance and received three certificates after finishing three training sessions. After I earn all the certificates, I will apply for my certification which will qualify me to help victims professionally.  

At first, my age hindered me from pursuing this goal. I am sixty-four, but then I read this quote:


never too old cs lewis quote

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