Post #81 – A Closed Fist Crushes Life – A Spiritual Poem

freeing a butterfly from my hand black and white

We cannot lose what was never ours, no matter how much we want it. It was never meant to be. Accept this and peace will flow in our hearts. Our life is sweet savor when we sacrifice it. Hold our sister and brother’s hand.

Guide another to the light. Withhold nothing,

Offer everything . . .

A closed fists crushes life and an empty fist will always remain empty. Open our hands, slowly if we must.

But open them.

Set all the hurt, anxiety, mistrust, and misguided ideas

Free  . . . 

And our life will be full of joy. Anything placed in our hands by Him is a temporary gift that we nurture and release . . .

Only then will we truly understand Love.

all rights reserved ©Nancy Jean Walker

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  1. Hi Nancy, well, I’ve always got some “thoughts” on everything. Nicely expressed thoughts on opening the hand, and I agree… up to the last three lines: when will people wake up and realize that the slogan, “God’s love” is an oxymoron? Neither “God” nor any of his most ardent adherents have ever expressed “love” in its true sense (if it has any sense, that is!) but both, God and his religions certainly have expressed a lot of hate throughout history. Are you aware, Nancy, that the Bible openly endorses sex slavery? That if you lived in a Christian theocracy, what happened to you would be considered perfectly normal and appropriate, because you are a woman? Yes, the Bible is the number book in the world also endorsing and promoting misogyny. And… it’s the “inspired, inerrant Word of God.” Food for thought, methinks.


    • Hi Sha’Tara, The God I believe in (God is the only name I know for him/her/it/spirit, being raised Catholic – I fled Catholicism and Evangelicals. I am not a “Christian”. I am a believer in the one who carried me through all my suffering, the one I “met” during nine near death experiences. I am not a believer in the Bible, not sure how you thought I was; but I do read it as do any book and I quote from it, as well as from Voltaire, St. Francis, Rabindranath Tagore, Homer, Mark Twain, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Kahlil Gibran, and Chinese Proverbs. That particular poem I penned is close to my heart. But, you are right. It should end with “Love” not God’s love.

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  2. I think the poem’s ending is stronger with just “Love,” as well. I take Sha’Tara’s points, but luckily Christians don’t have a monopoly on the word “God.” I’m a Christian, but I’m not a fundamentalist. Unfortunately, those who are the loudest often get the most attention. If you haven’t read Fr. Richard Rohr, Sha’Tara, I encourage you to check him out. He’s been important on my spiritual and religious journey.

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  3. I agree. I am a believer in Christ but shy away from the term “Christian”. I also believe the creator left much more to us than a book written and changed by men over the years, picking and choosing what to put in the Bible. I have the Dead Sea Scrolls which I read. Fascinating, but truth is I only know what I know via my personal spiritual experiences here and now on Earth. I don’t believe anyone but the dead know the truth and quite possibly they don’t either. However, I am not afraid to die. My near-death experiences have been so beautiful and powerful. Not to mention, the one I call Jesus is who has carried me, strengthens me, and fills me with an inner joy that no one can steal from me. Who knows his,her,its real name. We are raised in America, therefore we cannot identify in any way how the creator reveals him/her/its self to an indigenous group or any other group of people in the world.


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