A Poem

Post #85 – Voice in the Storm – A Spiritual Poem – Raw and Unedited

thunderstorm gif 1

Clap of angry thunder, Crash of mighty trees 

Sinister crack of a whipping lightning bolt

A soft whisper blows gently in a breeze


Blasting, howling winds; Surging, tumultuous tides 

Ferocious waves hammering Herculean rocks

While in the midst the whisper hides

Mind is spinning; burning, stinging tears, relentless

Never-ending pain, tormenting my immobilized body

Still that whisper rises during the vicious assault


Igniting fire, scorching every bone

Sleeping on a bed of jagged nails 

Unyielding, throbbing, raging agony

Yet that tireless whisper never fails

Allow the mountains their mighty quake

And the blustery winds their indomitable whir

Let the fires burn, flare and crackle

That devoted whisper will not be stirred

For it is him, resting peacefully

in the midst of the violent storms

His mercy beckons me, he is very near 

That was hidden in a whisper, and He comforts me

 Penned while fighting for my life in a nursing home

March 2004

all rights reserved ©Nancy Jean Walker



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    • Thank you. I wrote this while laying in a nursing home bed with a 104.5 fever that wouldn’t break for weeks. I had osteomyelitis and sepsis (a bone and blood infection), and in excruciating pain. No amount of antibiotics could get the infections under control. It took five months. (I had a Stage 4 coccyx wound the size of a golf ball. But, it was during those dark hours that I heard what I believe to have been the voice of God comforting me.


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