A Photo Story

Post #102 – Magical Hummingbirds and a Haiku

I love these precious little creatures. They make me smile so I wrote this haiku:

Magical jewel

Flutters around her feeder

Sipping sweet nectar  

humming birds lighting on a hand

Feeding Time

A tiny red-breasted hummingbird often sits on Janine Linnings finger after flying to her home for a feed Source Mirror UK

A red-breasted hummingbird – Janine Linnings-Mirror UK

baby hummer

Baby Hummingbird

swallow-tailed hummingbird

Swallow-tailed hummingbird

tufted coquette hummingbird 3

Tuft Coquette hummingbird

birds - albino hummingbird

rare albino hummingbird


hummingbird nest

Cinnamon Hummingbird

Cinnamon Hummingbird


Lunch is served!


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    • Me too! Colibri – I love the way the way that sounds. So melodic 🙂 I love WordPress because it gives me an opportunity to me so many people around the world from the confines of my bed. I am exploring your blog. You are an artist. So nice to meet you. 🙂


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