Post #106 – Snuggling Gusts – A Poem and Dedication

little girl dandelion wp

Every breeze embraces

The fragrance of your Chanel N°5

Your fingers softly brushing my bangs away

Kisses you’re blowing to me from Heaven

and gentle hugs, Oh how I need them

So I’m sending this handful of dandelions I picked for you

You know the ones you loved when I was a kid

Blowing kisses and hugs back to you

Mom because I love and miss you each moment of everyday

 all rights reserved ©Nancy Jean Walker



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  1. rate your attitude, your embrace of life as it is, and trying to find beauty everywhere a 10 out of 10, Nancy. If anybody has a right to carry a chip on their shoulder, it is you, but your embrace of Christ has sweetened your path. Someday the pieces of the puzzle will have a glory of their own, but you’ve brought glory to them already!

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  2. I just found this is my email. Sorry for the late response. Thank you for always encouraging me. Without the support of friends like you, life would be very hard.


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