A Poem

Post #114 – Interruptions, Misery, and an Unexpected Surprise – A Poem

me in bed

Splashes of sunshine fill my darkened room

Piercing my sleepy eyelids

Sleep. the only freedom that I know. interrupted again

Merciless brightness catipults me into another gloomy day.

Then she enters my boudoir and prepares me for my bedbath

Always bubbly and smiling.

How can she smile when I am so miserable?

I lay there motionless as she washes me

While my mind screams

“a shower is more befitting to my style.”

Suddenly, I hear a voice calling softly to me

“Can you see me?”

I can’t see anything but four walls surrounding me

Confined to an uncomfortable air loss medical bed

Frustrated that I cannot get up,

Reluctant to drink this day’s painful cup.

But once again that intrusive voice sings

“Can you hear me?”

I hear nothing but the whirring of my blender

That prepares my morning shake.

After a few more chores, my aid departs

And I am left here to abide

Alone … or so it seemed

Until that voice invades my space again

“Can you hear me?”

Day after day, the grueling monotony

Yet somehow that persistent whisper comforts me.

me happy in bed wp


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