A Photo Story

Post #118 – Breathing Fresh Air – Photos I Snapped along the Way

Thank goodness for a doctor’s appointment. It frees me from my bed for a while. I love taking beautiful photos of lovely scenes that catch my eye. Hope you enjoy.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. Aristotle

river with isle of birds

Crossing the Manatee River – See the island of birds?

isle of birds closeup

Here is a closer view

Palm trees closeup

We pass these palm trees often – I think they are fascinating – wish I knew what type

pretty flowered bushes on my street

Pretty blossoming bushes near my home

vivid pink tree blossoms

Isn’t this stunning? This beauty lives next door to me.

flowering tree in front of my house

This lovely tree laced with pink blossoms graces my front yard

I have another doctor’s appointment this Thursday! Another day of exploring. Hope I find some treasures on the way.

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  1. Yes we have manatees! 🙂 Such gentle giants. I love palm trees. There is something about them that speaks “peace”. It was a lovely drive. I don’t take those days for granted. Thank you so much for your reply. :0


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