A Poem

Post #142 – Counterfeit Love – A Poem

I penned these ramblings years ago when someone broke my heart. I am long passed the heartbreak, but I thought I share this discombobulated poem with you. 🙂


She loves him so deeply

She hates him as much

She longs to be with him

She craves his sole touch

Her total fulfillment embodied in one;

Yet love’s lost in the whirlwind,

Swept away, slowly fading, listen oh hearken!

Sadly because of a promise rescinded.

The lies made her ponder

And the rock became sand

And now she oft wonders

Why she trusted a man

Though she tries to forget him

He lives in her thoughts

Together a life had been wrought


But her mind screams no!

Her fragile heart ensnared;

She dwells in a valley of deepest despair.

What good can come of it?

What right corrects wrong

Or does it even matter

When love is this strong?

It seems so one-sided

His fears have him trapped

For her, there’s no question

For him, all the answers inapt.

Painful frustration; Rivers of tears

All for this man haunted by so many fears.


But with patience, she believes this love will abound.

Rambling writings from a troubled heart no longer winsome.

For it’s a hopeless attempt, on that they agree.

Yet patience to wait for what is never to come

Is the patience you’ll need for what never will be.


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