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    • Yeah me too. 🙂 I remember as a child, I couldn’t wait for the Sunday paper. I was first to grab the funnies section. Humor and laughter are good medicine, so I think I will continue my Saturday Morning Funnies day. What do you say? Your opinion matters to me. I need all the help I can get to reach more people and make friends. My goal is not to promote my book, but to bring to light child abuse, domestic violence, and modern day slavery subtly with my menu. My posts are simply my daily life, photos, poetry; etc.and also help those with PTSD and depression.I hope I am showing that. I have just begun exploring your blog. I am grateful that we found one another.

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      • Me too Nancy. I can really feel what you must have gone thru. But please don’t be depressed it does not work it will unnecessary tell on your health. We all go thru our experiences and we only have to come out of it. He is simply telling us you make an effort and try I am ready to take hold of you and let you through. Read motivational speakers books and also listen them on You Tube. You will feel awesome and not feel like a victim. I promise you, you will feel so much better. I too am so grateful to God to have found you. Do feel free to write to me always. I am always there. Love You Nancy. By the way I am a woman cause many people think me to be a man as in India my name is of a Man mostly.


      • Thank you for your lovely encouragement. I no longer feel like a victim, except for the fact that the reason I am confined to bed was caused by my traffickers. I spilled my pain onto my laptop, a catharsis, which has now become a memoir. You touched me deeply when you invited me into your life. ❤ you also. WordPress is a beautiful vehicle for meeting wonderful new friends. For that, I am extremely grateful. Sending hugs and much love to you, dear one.

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