Post #159 – Delightfully Unfettered – A Poem

The confines of my paralyzed condition hinder not my senses or imagination 

Delightfully unfettered 

A chariot of feathery clouds escorts me to ethereal wildflower fields

Overflowing with dancers just like me running free 

Whilst on earth a leafy ballet romances my eyes as a balmy breeze caresses

The graceful branches of our shady elm peeping through my window blinds 

Symphonic gusts, rhythmic drizzle, together with hazy sunshine

Warm and serenade me

Though the set-on-too-cool air-conditioner chills me and growls 

Within my version of an English garden 

Plum and caramel walls envelop me

Expresso frames adorn family photos

A parfait of flowers graces my Cherry wood dresser

Melodies flowing from my laptop permeate the air I breathe

 Bewildering and rendering the chains of my bed prostrate

 all rights reserved ©Nancy Jean Walker



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  1. I love your sweet spirit that sings melodies and poems from your soul. Some day you and I will be free and be able to run in beautiful fields together and sing Gods praises….


    • Thank you, Faith. I penned this poem on an on and off rainy day. I was in bed listening to the splashes and watching the tree. Then the words spilled out. I love that there are many scenarios that inspire our imaginations, aren’t you? ❤ xoxo

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