Post #163 – Celebrating 65

So, Sunday was my actual birthday (Medicare!) 🙂 My son, Jorge, my three-year-old granddaughter, Charlotte, and my Michael made my day.


My granddaughter picked out this card. (My son gave her a choice of three). The other is from my wonderful son.

flowers-bday-2016Flowers from my better half 🙂

He also surprised me with this curved TV. You can view it straight from all angles so I don’t have to strain my neck to watch, which significantly reduces pain. Plus the screen is huge. I can actually read the guide and TV shows and movie descriptions, such a blessing for my failing eyesight.


My gift from my three-year-old granddaughter – She has the same one 🙂


My son gave me the glitter (snow) globe with a different photo on each side of my little Charlotte.


One of my best friends, Maggie, knows how much I used to love sitting in the grass leaning on a tree trunk, devouring a good book. She bought me this bonsai so I could imagine myself relaxing under this lovely tree while I read. So thoughtful.

Lastly, my fiasco with the candles on the cake:

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  1. I wish you the best of everything. You are a beautiful soul. Happiest Birthday to you.
    You are blessed with an adorable family. I loved the pictures. Thank you
    Stay healthy and happy. Much love to you. ❤


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