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Post #169 – New Travel Photos and A Diagnostic Journey

It’s been a long two weeks or maybe a month. I have had several doctor appointments along with diagnostic and home study medical tests. A nocturnal pulse oximetry test, ultrasounds of legs and aortic region, x-rays, CAT scan, ugh.

My cardiologist is concerned about my blood flow because I pass out when I am typing, eating, etc. I sleep through ringing phones and people trying to wake me.

The nocturnal study revealed I periodically stop breathing at night. My pulmonologist ordered two liters of oxygen, but Medicare will not pay for it until I undergo a sleep apnea test. Joy, joy. As for the other medical issues, I will know more after all the results go to my various specialists. On to happier moments:

My friend, Dennis, went to Idaho and took some photos for me. I adore virtual travel! We talked as he drove and as he told me what he saw, I would ask to take a pic of it for me.


What do these animals look like to you?


Graduation Mountain, Idaho –

Graduation years dating back to 1929, painted on a mountain.


Where the cattle and buffalo roam


Fields of grain and a lovely gray mountain

And my gal pal visited the Florida Everglades and took these photos:


Wait for it




Zoom lenses – Best thing ever 🙂


Owls awake during sunlight in the Everglades


Stunning view driving towards the Everglades

And for the finale, a lovely bud growing outside my condo


Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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  1. Hi Nancy, nice photos and especially great to read of your wonderful and positive attitude re health issues. We understand when you are quiet and need to take time to do what you have to do! Take care and keep up the bright and cheerful nature, Nancy. Much love and prayers… ❤

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