A Short Story

Post #174 – When Mom’s Trailer Burned to the Ground and a Poem

Mom wasn’t home that day but when she returned her home was in ashes. All her possessions vanished, along with irreplaceable family photos and memorabilia. I wrote my first children’s book when I was eleven with pencil and paper. It died in the fire too. Poor Mom.

I have only a few photos of my family and myself. I wish I had more as my core family is deceased; mother, father, two younger brothers and my baby sister (nine years younger than me). How I wish I could reflect on the happier times of family life through those lost pictures. But, all I have are vivid memories of traumatic events.

It is devastating when tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, mudslides, and fires destroy a home.



When life destroys tangible memories

Stealing them from your mind

It hurts the heart

But the past has passed

And the future unknown

We have Now

Choose joy

Nothing can steal joy from you

Even in the midst of pain

And tuck these new memories

Away in the treasure box

Hidden in your heart.

all rights reserved ©Nancy Jean Walker


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    • Unfortunately, most of my family is gone. I only have my kids and they don’t have old photos 🙂 At my age, people are closer to Heaven. I am sixty-five. But, thank you for you kind suggestion. I appreciate it. ❤


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