Post #177 – Transitions – A Poem

Change ruffles my feathers

Infuses me with fear

As I enter a new unknown

Routines suit a gal my age

Transitions throw me off

Confusion couples with my fears.


But, nothing lasts forever;

I wish I could hide from these new issues

And have some control over my life.

Alas, the only control I have

Is how I handle what’s heading my way.

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  1. I hear ya , Nancy . the wind ruffles and then a breeze smooths , the continuity of change , our change , in forever we’ll know how it just goes on & on …it never changes , right ? Loved your piece . Your an inspiration kid .


    • Your comment left me speechless for a few moments. Your words remind me of my favorite quote: ‘Change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like a stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass.’ Thank you for your kind words and wonderful encouragement.

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      • studying the pathos of God , the meanings in our sufferings , between you and my Lady in waiting I’ve been brought along with all my own trailing cargoes , There is a Reason , but to me now, only I can define that. I hear it from the mouths of slaves and babes these days .
        Peace to you Sis , we’ve come this far by whatever faith we grasp and cling to.


      • Sorry for the delayed response. I agree with you. Without suffering, how can we grow; how can we empathize/sympathize and help others along life’s journey? Bless you, Pete


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