A Short Story

Post #192 – GPS, Mountain Road, Gilligan’s Island

My friend Nora and her family went on vacation to a Tennessee resort. There are several attractions in the area including Dollywood. They started out in a town named Murphey, heading to a theme park. Her father followed the GPS’s instructions carefully.

It led them up a dark and lonely mountain road. After two hours of driving dodging cliffs, Nora’s father said: “This shit is getting old.” The GPS responded, “This shit is getting old is not a destination.” Of course, we could not stop laughing when she told me this.

On with the story: A lone house sat at the top of the mountain. Only two people lived there: a husband and his wife. No cell phone service or telephone. Wow! I was impressed.

Anyhow, I waylay. Her father knocked on the door to ask for directions. The man chuckled. “You’re not the first visitor we’ve had with this problem.”

Then, the man said, “You are not far from your destination. Keep following this road for about another hour and you will see it. When you see the sign for the town Murphey, you’ll only have a mile to go.”

So much for their GPS. LOL They started out in Murphey.

They took a Gilligan Island three-hour-tour. 😎


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