A Short Story

Post #202 – My Long Hiatus and a Poem

It’s been a tough month at home. Hub had bronchitis that knocked him out. Thankfully, he is doing well now.

As for me, I had a home sleep study done. The results read that I had an episode (gasped for breath) every second of the entire night. Stunned, I said it’s a miracle I am alive. And my pulmonologist said, (truth), “Looks like someone wants to keep you around.” What an encourager! I get my CPAP machine on Tuesday. then after a few days of using it, another nocturnal pulse oximetry test to see if the machine is giving me relief.

Also, I have had back to back appointments with my specialists and two upcoming outpatient surgeries. Otherwise, we are doing well. 🙂 I just have not had time to update my blog or visit your amazing blogs. I miss you all.

The beautiful part is that I get out of the house with every doc appointment, breathe fresh air, and enjoy our warm winter here on the west coast of Florida. Stay safe, my friends. ❤


Hope keeps me going

When all seems bleak

Hope grounds me

No matter the darkness

The muck would drown me

Had I not had that thread of hope

To cling too

So, above all

I wish you hope



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  1. Good to know you’re back and that your hubby has recovered. I have many friends who use a CPAP. All of them are thankful for it, but agree that it takes some time to adjust. Hope yours gives some relief.


    • Thank you, Peggy. I hope it’s not too noisy. I will let you all know after I have used it. 🙂 I miss your posts. I have a lot of wonderful catching up to do.


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