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    • Oh, Wow! How wonderful! One of the things on my bucket list (none of which my circumstances allow) was to live in Alaska for a year. What a blessing you experienced. Creation’s painting. I am so jealous. 🙂 Did you see 🦅🦅 too?

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      • Eagles? No, not that I remember, we had a Snowy Owl that lived on the forest edge of the 160 acres we lived on in the winter, I remember Sand Hill Cranes and Red Winged Black Birds (those are a pest just like the Starlings here..same breed, just different colour)!
        My hubby and I were actually talking about the “Lights” the other day, how I’d love him to see them!Just Put it in on the Bucket List…. 🙂

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      • It sounds so lovely. I hope you have the chance to go with hubby to see them. Thank you for your kind comment about the poem.


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