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Stunning piece of literature. So romantic. The imagery draws me in; I read it twice. You are an excellent author.

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A few days ago I suffered through a crisis of confidence while attempting to gain a better understanding of what direction I am trying to move in with my writing, and my life. During this crisis I managed to convince myself that I have nothing of value to offer a potential lover, and that I was destined to be the man who spends his life writing about love, without ever being fortunate enough to experience it for himself. Realising that I’d fallen into a creative and emotional lull, I decided to write down how I was feeling in a piece that I have since come to know as Dirt. 

I never intended to share the post with anyone. It was simply an opportunity to release some of the angst that has been building inside of me as I continue to work towards establishing myself and my voice within the literary…

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  1. Hello Nancy, it’s Rita from The Lobster Pound, I read your book and I’m so sorry what you have gone through. My staff and I feel a special bond with you and Michael before I read your book. I hope to meet for soon. Love and light Rita


    • I know. Thank you for your review. I was going to call you tomorrow. As you read, I am thankful for it all because it not only gives me a purpose but an opportunity to help others and spread awareness. Bless you, Rita


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