A Poem

Post #249 – Screw You PTSD Triggers & A Poem

  • Triggers are stealthy. An image, a song, a smell, a flashback, etcetera, happen suddenly.
  • Assaults are like bullets flying over my head. In that moment my whole world changes and it takes me time to readjust.
  • PTSD often lingers for a lifetime. I wrote the poem below as an encouragement to me and anyone else who might read it.
  • PTSD effects over 14 million Americans. People with PTSD need compassion and understanding. Many have trouble controlling reactions to triggers.
  • A sudden and disturbing vivid memory (a flashback)  brings back a traumatic event from the past which can be powerful.

They can overtake a person, and dominate his or hers emotional state. Even so, they may not know what they are experiencing. Click here to learn more.

  • Tragically, many people don’t know that they have PTSD. They suffer from a guilt and a shame they do not understand. Click this link to help a friend, a family member, or a person who suspects they may have PTSD and discover ways to help one cope.


Charcoal clouds veil sunshine, blackened nights cloak shimmery stars,  dark booming thunderstorms blow up comforting sunshowers, And me confined to my bed, with bullets flying over my head, inhales a deep cleansing breath as I  wake up from this nightmare, determined to press on.


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