Post #251 – Saffron and Magenta – Prose

The gilded cream-colored mansion’s ivory castle towers  beheld visions of rose, copper and gold  sunsets which painted its pearly walls with hues of saffron and magenta.

Sunbeams danced on the turquoise rivers of Allegheny County. Sunshine and warm showers nourished spicy-sweet lilies.

Pristine hedges and lavender bell flowers lined the paved pathway that led to a baroque front door of The McKay Estate.

Chip McKay inherited the manor when his father, a widower, died.

He met Katherine Brody in 1973. She was a slender female with an upright carriage like that of a ballerina. The palest of blue eyes lit up when she saw him.

A sensual fragrance of vanilla  mingled with jasmine lingered on her fair flesh. God, she was stunning.

Deeply in love, he proposed. She sweetly accepted. They exchanged their wedding vows to the musical rhythm of water rippling through a floral pond in the lush garden.

Katherine dressed in an ivory gown with a fitted bodice. Pearls and pink rosebuds adorned her gown. A pearl embroidered cathedral veil graced her auburn chignon.

Chip wore an ebony tuxedo with a pale rose vest to compliment the roses on Katherine’s gown, a black bow tie, and a crisp white shirt with an ornate ruby boutonniere pinned to his lapel.

The perfume of camphor lavender mingled with the honey scent of alyssum flowers. A gentle breeze escorted the delectable aroma the reception cuisine.

An exquisite day for a romantic wedding.



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