A Poem

Post #254 – Kicking Rocks, Stumbling Blocks, and Pain Out of My Way – A Poem

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Since November 2017, I have been in the hospital and rehab. I was released the Friday before last and now I am back in the hospital again. It’s been quite a journey, six surgeries and in two weeks and of the surgery; all to save my life.

The week of  July 9 that I spent at home was glorious! There’s no place like home as Dorothy said.

Blue skies

Dark chocolate

French fries

Rain droplets

Nine months

Devoured by affliction

But I won’t allow restriction

Rob me of my joy

No! I will continue to savor

Life’s pleasures

Like blue skies, chocolate, French fries, and spring showers

And all the treasures

That God has endowed to me.

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  1. Awsome glimse into eternity and.the peace of God in times of suffering. This encourages me as I too am in a three year medical trail in which I am listening to our Fathers voice so that I might shout upon the housetops


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