Post #7 – Finding Comfort in the Midst of Frustrating Times

me and frankie blogspot photo

I used to be able to dance (my dear cousin Frankie)

Up until a few weeks ago, although primarily confined to bed, I was allowed to get up for short periods to wash my hair and shop at Walmart, Publix, or Fresh Market (a real luxury for me).

However, my physical situation has worsened quite a bit. Now, getting out of bed can lead to a serious infection, possibly another digital amputation, or another hospitalization; none of which I am eager to experience again. Per my cardiologist, wound care doctor, and foot surgeon, I must stay in bed. Not happy about this at all.

I want to feel the sunshine on my face; not just see it through my bedroom window. I can’t cook, which drives me a bit crazy. I’m an avid gourmet cook-from-scratch home chef. I enjoy cleaning, putzing around the house, and I have mounds of paperwork that require my attention, all of which I cannot accomplish lying flat on my back.

I find medical setbacks terribly frustrating and quite exasperating.

So, before I make myself insane just lying here, I need to find the positive in my latest imprisonment.

Hence this list:

  1. I can still use my hands to write, blog, surf the net, and chat.
  1. I love the colors of my walls and the way I decorated my room – in stylish eccentric/eclectic. It soothes me and stirs my creativity. 
  1. I am blessed to have the distraction a flat screen TV and a DVR
  1. My media player is packed with over 100 of my favorite tunes
  1. See this five-pound shake weight? I have the strength to lift it and exercise while in bed
  2. My shaker weightMy loved ones kindly serve me all my meals
  1. It teaches me how to find contentment

The things I can’t do fade a bit when I focus my thinking and energies on what I can do. It’s not always easy, but it certainly is necessary.

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” Joseph Campbell

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