Post # 8 – My Heart CrumblesAs March 25th Approaches

Kathy suffering ended

March 25 is my younger sister Kathy’s birthday. I scrolled through various personal gift websites. I love sending her sentimental gifts.

         I was nine years old the day Mom brought Kathy home. She looked just like my Thumbelina doll, wiggling in my mother’s arms. I loved helping Mom dress her. Mom even let me help bathe her in the kitchen sink.

We were a family of six, living in a four-bedroom colonial. My baby sister and brother shared a bedroom until Kathy turned two. Then, Mom moved her into my room to sleep on the bottom half of my trundle bed. What joy! We cuddled together on my half of our bed, often falling asleep together. I mothered my precious sister until circumstances separated us when she was eight.


Yesterday, I picked up the phone to call her, and then realized she wouldn’t be able to answer. For over a week, I had been feeling depressed, not really knowing why. As I hung up, a wave of grief and tears overtook me and my heart shattered into pieces once again.

I had forgotten, as I often do, that Kathy passed away last November, 2014, after a long and extremely painful battle with Stage 4 lung cancer.

Every time it hits me, my mind numbs. Even though I believe with all my heart that she’s alive and safe in the hands of God, I miss her terribly.

The place some of us call Heaven seems millions of miles and lifetimes away. I know her reunion with Mom, Daddy, my precious younger brothers, Bobby and Billy, my dear Aunt Tina, and my fun-loving cousin Frankie thrilled her.

Although I’m not anxious to leave this earth yet, I’m antsy to be with them again, someday soon.

Wishing you an early Happy Birthday, sweet Kathy. Bear hugs and kisses all over your face. I’ll love you forever and cherish the gift of every moment we spent with each other.

“No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye,

you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.”  – Author Unknown

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