Emotional Triggers

Post # 39 – Cracked Mirrors Distort Our Beauty – Don’t Let Others Define Who You Are

Broken mirror poem     

 So often, I judge myself by how I think others see me because so many abusers trashed my self-worth, causing a self-hatred to fester inside of me.

Many people, innocently or vindictively, reinforced the view I had of myself. Reflections from cracked mirrors are never pleasant and sometimes hurt deeply.


Then, I met D., who has become one of my best friends. We both had esteem and life issues that weighed us down. As time went on, we realized that we were a mirror to each other, reflecting encouragement and light.

That is when it struck me how each person that passes through our lives is a mirror and how, sometimes subtly, darts fly wounding us, causing self-doubt, and internal damage, which tuck themselves inside our souls invisibly.

This has taught me a valuable lesson, although I struggle, to shield myself from well-intentioned, but unenlightened, words and facial expressions from others. Many do not recognize they are cracked mirrors. I am sure I been a cracked mirror to someone many times. I want to change that and learn how to be a better listener and filter my words before I speak.

In addition, I am learning to look into the right “mirrors” in my life. Slowly, at the age of sixty-three, I am gaining confidence. It has been a long journey.


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