Child Trafficking

Post #40 – A Day in the Life of a Trafficked Child

girl watching cartoon

I get so excited when the school bell rings on Friday afternoons. It means two days of freedom: playing tag with my friends, watching Saturday morning cartoons, shopping with Mommy at the grocery store.

After breakfast, I ask Mommy if I can go outside and play with my friends, just like always. Mommy said Okay. I don’t see the car until it was next to me. A fat, old man grabs me and pushes me into the trunk. I try to scream but he covers my mouth with his smelly hand.

trafficked depressed little girl

Now I don’t know where my mom is; it’s dark and cold in this place. The man told me we’re going to play a game with his friends. But, all I feel is those gross men’s hands doing awful things to me, tickling my privates. I beg them to stop. They think I’m funny.

I feel so dirty. I want my Mommy.

The nightmare won’t stop. They are playing more ugly games with me and taking my picture. I want to disappear. Maybe, if I pray hard enough my guardian angel will save me. Mommy says my angel takes care of me. But, my angel doesn’t come. I wonder if the bad man took her too.

“Mommy, I’m scared,” I whisper so the fat old man can’t hear me, praying that God will tell Mommy where I am. She always knows how to find me. I’ve been here so long. Why won’t Mommy come get me? Did I do something wrong?

“Daddy? Can you find me?” My tears fall into my mouth. They make me choke.

trafficker yelling at little girl

The evil man keeps hitting me with the belt. He says I’m a bad girl. I’m bleeding everywhere. It hurts so much.

“Please somebody help me!” My brain keeps screaming over and over and over again.

Nobody comes.

Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen-Year-Old Girls Go to the Highest Bidder 

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    • It happened to me and to millions of children around the world. It leaves one speechless and feeling helpless. I believe spreading the word is the key. It is a difficult horror for people to absorb. Thank you for you kind comment. I appreciate that you read this post. xo


      • Yes I totally agree with you Nancy and I know how you must have gone through the whole episode. Everyday thousands are being picked up and put in this trade. We can only pray and give encouraging words. Thank you for spreading the word around.

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