Dealing with Disability

Post #42 – Unlimited Venues Courtesy of Imagination Airlines

I am a born-adventurer and, although, for the most part, life has not given me this luxury, I try to make moments matter.

Outings: Since bed confinement limits my adventures to doctors’ outings, and what I watch on TV and the internet, I have to find creative ways to escape the tedium. I seek photo ops when riding in our van, snapping mostly photos of clouds. Clouds especially capture my attention.

When I was a little girl, I used to gaze at the fluffy white clouds. I wanted to eat the luscious mounds of whipped cream and cotton candy.  Then as I got older and life got harder I dreamed how nice it would be to cuddle in a cloud and make the world go away. The mass of tiny droplets of water and ice still awes me when I look up.

clouds fountain bradenton outing


Internet exploration: I travel via the internet to any country on earth, explore cultures, and study their geography and histories, lose myself in nature videos and feel as though I am there. The world is mine! 🙂

hugging the world


However, by far, my favorite trips happen by way of my imagination. I not only visualize, but I bathe in every sensation – ambiance, texture, mood, fragrances, and flavor.

I “vacation”  in exotic places like Tahiti, sprawl out on a comfy oversize beach towel, close to the shoreline, bathe in the warmth of sultry sunshine, as splashing, cool waters s tickle the tips of my toes, and enamor my eyes staring at the vista of the ocean touching the sky.



At this moment, I am relaxing in a bistro in Paris, sipping a creamy Café Latte, and dipping my spoon into a luxurious Chocolate Crème Brûlée. Care to join me?

Chocolate Crème Brûlée spoonful



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