Dealing with Disability

Post #43 – Another Painful Sleepless Night Visited By A Beautiful, Mysterious Presence

Pain caused me another sleepless night. Nothing new – but the pain abates when I bathe in those peaceful quiet hours. A sweet ambiance permeates my room.

Last night, I lost my battle with the pain, so I spilled it out in this poem. Something odd happened after each line I penned. A burst of hope followed mine.

Here it is:

I find myself in a dry, dusty desert. Living water quenches my thirst. Thick darkness devours me, wherein glimmers a pure light. Lost in the sea of humanity, my heart panics; an outstretched hand reaches for mine. Drowning in a sea of tears – A gentle finger brushes them as they fall. My body burns with pain yet my soul sings. Everything is out of my control and I have no strength of will or mental energy. Shadows enveloped me, suffocating my breath. Suddenly, light surrounds me and I hear, “Listen my child, be still. This is your classroom. I am Your Teacher. I promise you it will be worth it all soon.”

Then, I fell asleep. I woke up with no recollection of writing this. I clicked and opened my online Bible, turned to a page, closed my eyes (as I often do) and pointed. My finger landed on this verse:

“Blessed, (happy with life joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, apart from outward conditions and to be envied) is he who takes no offense in Me and who is not hurt or resentful or annoyed or repelled or made to stumble whatever may occur”  Luke 7:23

This left me speechless, yet comforted.

truth stranger mark twain



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