A Poem

Post #45 – You Cannot Lose What Was Never Yours


Morning Meditation

You cannot lose what was never yours no matter how much you want it. It was never meant to be. Accept this . . . and peace will flow in your heart. Your life is . . . a sweet savor to Me when you sacrifice it. Hold your brother’s hand. Guide another to the light. Withhold nothing, offer everything . . . it was never yours to keep.

A closed fists crushes life and an empty fist will always . . . remain empty. Open your hand, slowly if you must. But open it. Set all the hurt, anxiety, mistrust, and misguided ideas . . .

Free . . . And your life will be full of joy. Anything placed in your hand by Me is a temporary gift that you nurture and . . .

Release . . . In my time and when I speak. Only then will you truly understand . . . God’s Love.








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