Post #97 – Dust, Lilliputians, Cable TV, & Hope

particles dust

I am a mere speck of dust in a universe overcrowded and cluttered with unidentifiable particles; Tinier than an atom, lost in the midst of a confused molecule.

A Lilliputian.

A combination of six elements and a pumping heart that breathes life into a baby whose meaning holds a unique significance on a small globe called Earth, spinning round and round, going nowhere.

In this world of love and hate, wars and peace, joy and bitterness; I sometimes wonder if we’re on display on some heavenly company larger than Comcast where Angels surf channels choosing what they want to watch at any given moment.

'If you're going to stare at that thing all day, at least watch something educational,,, like Japan,'

‘If you’re going to stare at that thing all day, at least watch something educational’

I tend to think of marriage showing on the Comedy Channel and CSI. Angels have a variety of choice – sitcoms, war movies, horror shows, fantasies, the Disney Channel, murder mysteries, love stories on the human level, or anything else for that matter.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Better brush our hair for the cameras.

Regardless, we are stuck in this dilemma together so wouldn’t it be nice if we got along? An unfathomable impossibility.

If only we had the ability to band together as caring human beings, then we would be living the ultimate dream, instead of being caught up in nightmares out of our control.

But since we have a choice during happy, sad, or confusing moments; I choose hope. for our without hope, life would be mere futility.

I have trouble believing this to be true.

 wheelchair climb mountain

I perceive life as a beautifully designed blissful excruciatingly agonizing rocky journey towards a brilliant ethereal place overflowing with everlasting love, peace, and joy. Nine near-death experiences have shown me this.

Besides, otherwise, what would be the point especially for those who suffer from birth? In fact, have you ever noticed how much joy exudes from many who live in physical, emotional, and mental misery as if some mysterious secret has been revealed to them? I have.

So, the key must be hope and faith in who I cannot see or prove exists whom I call God, only because I was raised in America. But I dare not presume that I know how this creator interacts with other people groups. All I can say is that this works for me and carries me through the midst of my sufferings.

hope hope



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  1. You are brilliant. Period.
    “I am a mere speck of dust in a universe overcrowded with unidentifiable particles; Tinier than an atom lost in the midst of a confused molecule.”
    I see us this way too, as smaller than quarks, but all connected to this greater whole.
    I don’t see God as answering our prayers, for parkings spaces, Donald Trump elected president, curing cancer, or saving our dying baby.
    Angels are here to provide guidance and we have free will within the confines of the realities of our existance.

    You said you perceive life as proceeding to death which is “a brilliant ethereal place overflowing with everlasting love, peace, and joy.”
    So maybe those who die young are the ones who are most favored, since they get to heaven sooner.


    • Thank you, Cindy. We are like-minded. True, those who die young get to Heaven earlier, but because we both believe we are all connected and have a purpose, perhaps those who pass on when they are older are favored too. Each of us is born with an expiration date and each of us have a purpose, even the baby who dies on his first day. Perhaps his/her purpose is to help those who loved him/her turn to God.

      Also, I believe that until our mission on Earth is completed, we stick around. From the womb to 115 years old, each person contributes to the Grand Master Plan, whatever that means. If it were not true, then I would give up and take a handful of my pills to end my daily suffering.

      Anyhow, without the thread of hope that I have, life would be meaningless. And you my dear Cindy give so much to me through your photos. You take me where I cannot go and I love that! I am so thankful we found each other hare on WordPress.


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