A Poem

Post #98 – Finally Free – A Spiritual Poem


free bird

Here is a story of bondage and possession; 

To none be the glory of this tragic obsession.
It’s a private world of highs and lows

Where disease is free fare wherever it goes
Death is so common you don’t bat an eye 

Unless it’s your source or main supply.
The parties go on from dawn ‘til dusk,

Then night falls, more drugs, booze, and lust.

Worth more than emeralds, diamonds or pearls, 

It rules and masters lost desperate souls, 

with a power to possess that goes on for years

Destroying senses, breaking hearts, 

Laughing at futile tears

Once forced upon me, it became so normal that

I let it swallow me up to stay numb

 It’s the same if not quicker to pick up a gun. 

But don’t be distressed if you are caught

for I’ve found that there is one for a price

who has bought us freedom forever from all deceivers

and any one can be a receiver. 

His name is Jesus,

He died on the Cross to release us from the assault of sin 

Then rose again for all who are lost.

Clinging to those last threads of hope 

I turned to Him when he opened my heart 

And became a believer. 

He washed away the garbage

cluttering the alcoves of my mind. 

Forgot, forgave, teaches, listens, and comforts me. 

Now in times of pain, heartache, and depression 

I know that I am no longer alone. 

He rushes in and carries me away to ethereal places.

hope floating on a cloud



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