The Universe Express

Inspirational, enlightening poem and comment from one of my favorite bloggers



Our bodies are just husks,
objects worn by time,
just matter, really,
simple utensils to enjoy
the short segment “life”,
on our eternal journey
through the universe.

If you’re tired,
stay awake,
live every moment,
as an extrovert and,
face life with
a fearless heart,
and never throw away the key,
to your open mind,
let go,
of your urge to control,
just breathe in,
and breathe out,
let your soul,
be free,
be loud.

Hop on the universe express,
don’t miss it,
this adventure “life”,
just get on,
and enjoy the ride,
for no one knows,
the time of their clock,
and when it stops.

So, go on then,
explore the world,
as much as you can,
because when you reach the final station,
you’re going to move on to new adventures,
in places of which no one has ever heard.

About the poem:

I originally wrote this…

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