Post #22 – Duped by an Internet Predator

Nancy Jean Walker - Loving Life Fully

You Had Me from Hello & Amazed

“These are my songs for you, Baby,” Charlie had told me.

 dancing with an umbrella                Head Over Heels

 A 104 fever and life-threatening infection put me in the ER three days before Thanksgiving, 2003, Unable to get the infection under control and after my thirty-day insurance coverage for a hospital stay expired, my doctor transferred me to Bayview at Johns Hopkins rehab/nursing home.

The experience frightened me and cut me off from life. Even though paralyzed from a rare virus, I was happily living on my own. Now my only access to the outside world was via the internet. Thankfully, I owned a laptop.

After surfing around, I found an online game website filled with dozens of card game rooms. I met Charlie at a table playing free poker. He started chatting with me in the chat…

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