A Photo Story

Post #109 – Let’s Get Pic-ysical – Poignant Photography

pic of the day

Rita Miljo, ‘the Mother Teresa of Baboons,’

 trash to treasure

Romantic trash can couple

true love

Everlasting Love

Rose maple fuzzy moth pretty

Rosy maple moth

Bloomsbury’s Golden Phoenix Cupcake

World’s most expensive cupcake, the pricey dessert costs a whopping $1,000 at Dubai’s Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes. Served on a covered Villari 24-carat gold empire cake stand, adorned with edible gold & chocolate

Purple Crowned Fairy Wrens

Purple Crowned Fairy Wrens

Geissorhiza radians Wine Cups

Geissorhiza radians Wine Cups endemic to South Africa

baby lion and cheetah

Baby cheetah cuddling with a white baby lion

hands love shown

Leaves me breathless

vpeacock spider

Can you imagine? This is a Peacock spider

The Tiny Squirrel Monkey - South America

The Tiny Squirrel Monkey of South America

lovely day

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