Post #193 – Wise Words from My Son Regarding Suffering

My thirty-three-year-old son and his wife are getting a divorce. They have a three-year-old daughter. I spoke to my son the other day and heard his voice crack. I could tell he was holding back tears. I had no words to help him as he is an independent thinker.

I said the words that were in my heart. I told my son I would pray that he wouldn’t suffer and that things would get better.

He replied, “Mom, I love you, but don’t pray for me not to suffer. If I don’t suffer, how can I grow?

He was nine when I spent months in hospitals and lost my ability to walk. He remembered that no matter what situations we face, I told him that God would take care of us.

After we had said goodbye, I cried. I found it hard to believe that those days when we were isolated, and there were many, that my son would resent me. Instead, he thanked me. He gave me a beautiful vase with artificial flowers and wrote words that warmed my heart.

On the front of the vase, it reads: Mom, I couldn’t help spending the time to make this for you. You have taught me so many useful skills. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for being such a great mom.

This was a Christmas gift a few years ago, but after my conversation with him the other day, I reread it. Tears of joy. I am so proud of him.

flower-jorge-2           flowers-jorge

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  1. Wow, Nancy that is so beautiful, your son is amazing. I had tears in my eyes! I have been divorced and it hurts a whole lot, but I learned so much. Love and peace, Ally xxxxxx


    • Thank you, Pete. I appreciate your words. Two things I will never understand is suffering and death. We all have our share of both. So I live life to the fullest and try to give back. I am honored that you read my entry.


  2. You are a wonderful mom, Nancy. Prayers that you, your son and your Little Princess gets through this difficult phase of life with all strength. I for one treasure even a shred of paper that my son hands me with ‘love you’ or ‘ world’s best mom’ scribbled on it, and to have your son send you that beautiful vase must have had your heart bursting with love.

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