Post #194 – Savoring the Day – A Poem

I have had tinnitus for twenty-four years

Sometimes in four-part harmony

A cricket choir backed up by an orchestra

Playing The Song That Never Ends


Ants crawl up and down my legs

Cannot reach them with my hands

Maybe with a fly swatter

I can whack the annoying tingles


An army of mosquitos

assault my feet 24/7

Itches I cannot scratch

Driving me to . . .


Neuropathy has a mind of its own

Completely out of my control

My body’s neurons and my brain

Strangers to one another.


Nothing eases the misery

Maxed out on medications

Wondering if my prescriptions

Are bug enablers.


But my tens machine

Shocks the nerves in my feet

Baffling the mosquito sensations

Ah, relief


I don’t mind

I am quite used to it

Sometimes when I wake up

Silence greets me

No tinnitus, just a lovely quiet day.


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  1. Well done – sucks that this is reality. I get the bug bite sensations too – swear i’m being bitten over and over, but of course, I never am. Kudos to you on your book!

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