Post #204 – Write and Rewrite, Edit, Restructure and Edit Again – Memoir


In about three weeks, we will publish the paperback book and a Kindle e-book. I read and edited my memoir at least thirty times in the past few weeks which is another reason I have not kept up with my blog. But, now that I finished my part, it is in the capable hands of my friend, a technical editor with wonderful skills of finding grammatical and typos that I missed.

Do you like the book cover? Amazon offers other templates but none of them suited my memoir as the template I used. Please don’t be shy. I don’t mind negative critiques.

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  1. Everything looks good!
    I just finished my first novel Twiceborn that is set during the 16th century at the beautiful Palace of Versailles in Paris France. I have a free chapter available on my website. Would you be able to take a look at it and email me with any feedback/comments?


  2. Nancy – so proud of you! Love the photograph (always have). The first line of your bio sounds funny – maybe remove the ‘with’. Also, since the book is about you by you, maybe try eliminating the third person references. For example: “this is a story of …..”. To say your parents ‘harmonized’ against you does not create the affect you are looking for; ‘conspired’, maybe.
    Hope this isn’t too much, however; I am cheering for you! Drop me a line if I can be of further help. V.J. xoxo


    • Oh wow! Thank you for noticing the typo. The word with should not be there at all. My parents didn’t conspire. It wasn’t that they “hated” we children. They were not equipped to be parents. Can you think of another word? I appreciate it. You have a keen eye!


      • I taught creative writing at the secondary level – my eye is overly critical, I’m afraid. Trying to break that habit. Maybe “mutually uninspired” as parents. Or could it have been indifference?


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