Post #205 – Lord, Can You Hear Me – A Spiritual Poem

I wrote this poem years ago, dedicated to my younger brothers and sister, now departed.


She’s battered, bruised, and broken, crying out for happiness,

Desperate for love, wounded by the world, she shuts down.

Lord, can you rescue her? Save her from despair?

Baffled and shattered in his mind; depression shackles him,

 Fearful and alone, he’s anxious for his end.

Lord, can You hear me? I’m crying out to you.

Please rescue them and renew their hope

Where can they seek you? How will they know?

When will you draw them? How far will you go?

My heart is heavy laden, I’m here on bended knees,

Crying out into the darkness Lord; please bow your ear to me.


My beloved Billy and Kathy

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  1. I saw them each before they died except my youngest brother Billy. Cancer ravaged my brother, Bobby, and sister, Kathy’s bodies. Grief comes in waves. I lost my whole core family. Sometimes, I wish I could pick up the phone and call one of them. Who knows you better than your parents and siblings. Thank you, Peggy for you empathy.


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