A Poem

Post #211 – Blossoms, Buds, and Bluebirds – A Poem

Across woodlands and fields, delicate buds

cover the branches of trees.

Fragrant wildflowers bloom.

Speckled cotton candy clouds

wander aimlessly about an azure sky.

Lemony hues illuminate

As darkness clears its way.

A leafy bush

Brims with fuchsia blossoms

Scents of greenness permeate the air

An orchestration of life anew

Bluebirds perch on cherry trees

Their symphonic sonata waltzes as

a breeze ruffles the verdant leaves

Sprouting on fresh branches.

Melting snow

Grassy meadows

Sunkist fruit trees

Spring nudges winter

I settle on my porch swing

Soaking up spring’s warmth

And read Mary’s little lamb

To my moppet


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