Post #212 – Sunday – The Perfect Day to Celebrate Flowers

Featured Image: Columbine flower Photo taken by David Patterson

Blooming Kangaroo Paw wildflower of Western Australia

California-Wild-Rose Photo credit Jennifer McGarigle

Datura violet photo taken by Nurri Kas in Estonia, Tallinn,Harju – Tallinn

East African wildflower Photo credit –

Vibrant Zinnias Photo by Sharon Wilhite via Birds and Bloom Magazine

Blanket flowers photo taken in India by Sekhar G

peacock flower moraea villosa

Harlequin flower Photo © Liam O’Brien some rights reserved

Anchusa cespitos endemic to Crete

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    • I hope spring comes early for you. It pretended to be spring up north (I am in Florida), but alas, a severe snow storm ruined it. Stay warm. I am glad I brightened your day a bit. ❤

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