A Short Story

Post #213 – Azure Sea, Dolphins, and Seabirds

I was near death and had to go to Tampa General a few years ago for several medical procedures. I was reading some of my journals this weekend. It surprised me when I found this entry:

I luxuriate in traveling on I-75. It cuts right through Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The hues of water are breathtaking. The sun dances across the sea of emeralds and sapphire. I’m water girl!

Birds captivate me – their stunning colors and amusing behavior, particularly Florida seabirds. They fascinate me. There are some that fly along side our van, with incredible precision. I enjoy watching them dive head first into the water to retrieve their breakfast (poor unsuspecting fish).

Occasionally, there is the thrill of spotting lightning-fast dolphins as they jump into the air.

The climb up to the top of the Skyway Bridge throws my equilibrium off a bit. However, the ever so slight sway of the structure puts me in awe. How can something made of cement and steel dance like that? And the endless view from the top of the bridge is wondrous and completely freeing for this gal in “chains.”

“Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.” ~ cadet maxim, U.S. Military Academy, West Point

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19-26


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  1. Dear Nancy, Thank you so much for the follow at my blog. You are inspiring and I’m humbled by all your wonderful posts. I have a new stop on the web. Cheers, Deborah


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