Be a Candle in this Dark World – Help End Human Trafficking

please read and be a candle

Sadly, the subject of human trafficking and sex slavery is taboo for many people, because either it overwhelms them or they struggle with the fact that it exists today. I have heard several comments similar to this: “i can’t think about that. I have enough going on in my life.”

Words like these leave me speechless, but I understand. One more thing on someone’s already full plate may cause him or her to implode.

So, then the question is “How can we get more people involved in the fight to end trafficking?”

Baby steps. First, slowly open their hearts and minds about the issue. It’s crucial that we all realize human trafficking is happening in our own towns and cities. and vital that your friends and families understand that their loved ones are not immune from these monsters.

Sex traffickers hang out by schools, in malls; snatch kids off the street, lure them via chat rooms and Xbox, etc. Parents need to be informed and diligent.

chat room pedophile

Those who are passionate about ending this human tragedy must take action. This takes thoughtfulness on our parts, but what a difference we can make if we help spare one potential victim’s life because we stepped out of our comfort zone to spread the word.

Something to ponder. Bless all of you who get involved. The littlest thing can make a huge impact. Remember, “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” Be a candle in this dark world.

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